Are regions still worth buying?

Some say Global is close, some say Global will be another year. So it puts me in the middle of a hard decision. I have the money to buy a region or two, but I don’t know if it will be worth it. Would you buy a region?


We don’t know. It’s not worth speculating.


It’s not a speculation, it’s a question.


Well, this is a question that has been in my mind since this was first announced, I preferred not to purchase new regions since they’ll be replaced (supposedly).


If I were you I would either-

A) Buy Live+ if you have the money for it. It’s well worth it and there may or may not be a special offer/discount for Global if you have Live+ assuming Global will be a payed add-on. But you get all regions and all aircraft when you get Live+.

B) Just wait until Global comes out. Could be a while but it will be well worth it. Requires patience though.


Thank you guys for your feedback! Really appreciate it.

Tough question. Would one suggest denying FDS revenue by holding out, thereby stunting growth and development, or is it worth it to get your fix? If you do decide to buy, I’d hold off on the Paris region as its historically void of both air traffic and frequency control. Let a dash of logic and reason, and a pinch of intuition be your guide.

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No, just get live+.

Seriously best value.


Yup, kinda stings at first but well worth it.

But we don’t know how much Global will cost and what it will include relating to purchases, do we?

It really depends what server you mostly fly on;

If you fly on training server or casual I would not recommend buying regions as you’ll always have service in the same regions

However, if you fly on expert I would recommend buying either Live + or some regions you think you will enjoy. This is because IFATC are constantly changing where they provide coverage.

As for the looming announcement of global no one knows when or how it will be finish. But in my own opinion it looks like it could be a while to be honest

But the developers are having to almost totally change the app to allow for Global.


Imagine a little redund system coming with global. If youve bought 5 regions and global is 50,- , it would just cost you 50 - 5*5 = 25,- . Thatd be sick, however I dont think so. I’d suggest you to still buy one you like,but not two. Just imo

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It might be a $50 one off payment or a subscription. No one knows, but the devs are putting a lot of work in to make sure Global is realistic and it is easy to use (eg removing the regions). And the airport editors are working very hard but don’t get paid of course.

Yes, but the devs do everything to support the new airports. And they have to program the new navigation system, terrain and they include all the effects of the globe on aircraft. So they do as much work as the airport editors.

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I’m hoping its pay once and get Global forever!😌

I really hope it doesn’t come with Live+ only.

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Please stop speculating guys. @Fynn, do not claim or even guess to know when global will be out. We have said that many a time. Same goes for the rest of you guys.


With regards to regions, it is completely up to you as we have no idea about the timescale of global (: