Are random escorts "allowed" on Expert Server?

Ok, this might sound like a dumb question, but is escorting airplanes allowed?
Before you all jump and say, “there is already the option flight of _”, I know already.
But I’ve genuinely been wondering recently if you’re allowed to fly to another plane in Live and just escort them? This might be perfectly fine on Casual, but is a random escort alright on servers like Expert? If we’re not sure about whether they’ll be fine with being escorted or not, then are we not supposed to do it? Are there unspoken-type rules about escorting on Expert Server or TS1?
What do you all think?

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Some people are fine with it but some people don’t tend to like it.

If I were you, I would try to find the person on the IFC (If they are here) and ask them.


(Never mind about what I had in this post before)
That sounds like a smart idea @Balloonchaser

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I think on TS1 it would be ok. People tend to disregard what ATC is instructing them to do. If you explained to others on here, I would think it is alright.

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I do escorts on the expert server but I ask them first.


If you randomly try to escort someone in a controlled airspace, and refuse to deviate you will be ghosted. Best to do what others have said and both use the appropriate callsigns and frequency etiquette.


Some don’t like to be escorted and might report you for it even outside controlled airspace. While you couldn’t know if the will report you without contacting them beforehand I would advice not to come to close to a possible noob.
The only way fore spontaneous escort on expert is looking for a tanker on cruise. They can’t complain reasonably and normally would appreciate a refueling manoeuvre as well. Take a look at LiveFlight it has filters for aircraft types making it easy to find tankers on cruise.


Like many mentioned hate being escorted where others are completely cool with it.
PM a pilot u want to escort is your best bet of success and no issues.


Now the question you asked was if it was allowed on Expert. And the answer is: yes, there is no rule against it.

But…once you arrive in controller airspace…what Brandon said; follow instructions and keep some good distance.

And…ah well, not everyone enjoys an escort.


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