Are PMs automatically deleted?

Hey guys!

I have a question.

I have some threads of PMs with good friends of mine on IFC. If they reach the 500 reply limit, I would like to know, are they automatically deleted after a period of time? I would like to be able to see previous PMs and good conversations we had later.

Also, if they haven’t reached the 500 reply limit and we don’t reply for a while, are they still automatically deleted?



I believe they won’t get deleted, but you would have to scroll pretty far down if you have a lot of PMs

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Ok, thank you.

Something from a staff member would be immensely appreciated :)

They will stay unless you archive them but will be closed by the system.

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I can’t seem to see PMs from a long time ago. Where should I go to see those?

They are not deleted. They are on your messages list but you may need to scroll to the bottom and let them reload. You can check the archived messages in case you may have archived it by accident.

How long ago are you looking?


What is a PM ?

19 days is how far it shows. I’ll look for the archived ones.

I have nothing in my archives.

“Messages” from your profile.

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Ah, okay. Thx.

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You can search your messages. Go to your inbox or sent and then click the search button, then check off “search messages” and search.

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At first I was so confused by that and I think @Mattheus knows why 🙃

I don’t think they ever delete.

Hmmmmmm very interesting

That was one time!

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Answer provided and now it’s falling off the rails.