Are planes very light in Infinite Flight?

When I take off, I always feel that the plane reaches the speed of vr quickly, although I always put the right weight for the flight and the right power for the engines, and the same thing with landing, as the revers thrust ends up before I cross half the runway,especially with the b777 (i don’t reach 60% of power) 🙂

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong

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Do you have passengers or cargo on board?

Yes i have

  • flight fuel + (1hour extra)
  • passengers
  • number of passengers times ( 30KG for example)

how long is your flight and what is your total load

Not a specific flight but let’s say

Load : 66%

well as we don’t have FMC or MCDUs there is no way for us to know the right power needed for takeoff. It mostly comes with flying the plane a lot and seeing how it behaves. For example the B77W, I flew it a lot of times, and usually, I adjust my power accordingly. But it doesn’t reach my VR speed as quickly

1 hour extra is a bit touchy but I think I heard one staff say about this issue:
you can’t repair what isn’t broken

I can make a video comparison between real take off and Infinite flight take off (with the same conditions)

I’ve compared the figures of the A320 in Infinite Flight to some real-world performance data a while back, and indeed, there are discrepancies but they are not overly significant. The time it takes for the A320 to reach Vr (and thus subsequently V1 & V2) are within + or - 4 seconds from real world data (holding other factors such as weight, thrust setting, wind etc constant).

The thrust reversers do appear to be quite ‘overpowered’ on some aircraft (perhaps the B777), but their behaviour is more-or-less spot on for the A330 (commercial airliners slow down mostly due to their brakes rather than reverse thrust).

Generally speaking, however, unless there is something very wrong with the performance of an aircraft, it is not the top priority for the developers to adjust, as there are other (perhaps more exciting) things in the pipeline which take priority. Nonetheless, if you happen to have real-world performance data for a specific aircraft and there are significant differences between that and Infinite Flight’s performance, feel free to post a topic on the forum. I’m sure either myself or others can pass this data on to the developers to see if they can adjust anything.

For what it’s worth, video comparisons from a real aircraft to Infinite Flight’s wouldn’t yield much benefit unless you know all of the applicable variables (wind, weight, centre of gravity, power setting…).


Somewhere in the forum a long time ago I think there was a member showing IF to a senior 787 captain (or was it 777, I forgot), he said it’s good, accurate, but it didn’t have that auto-trim something that he always used for landing and also the plane was a bit over-powered. So might be due to this? Nevertheless, I saw in the video he buttered an IF plane centerline, on first try!

As for landing, we have constant runway friction, as also somewhere in the forum a long time ago (can’t find it) they said that runways in IF actually do have runway friction coefficients but the variables aren’t being used - so, I don’t know, our runways are forever set at high friction, regardless when it’s sunny or snowy or raining?

My apologies if these could be mis-information as I have very bad memory and also couldn’t find the threads above, which is too bad 'cause I remember liking the first story very much!

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From my experience and take off videos, the difference may be more than 10 seconds

Unfortunately, I do not have any data on this subject, and as I said, I relied on my experience when traveling to notice the difference.

Thank you all and I am happy for your clarify ,and the discuss

Try out the 777F full load (102,500 Kg) for a 11hr flight, then it’s ridiculously heavy :)

Having personally weighed some of the aircraft, I can say they weigh more than a sack of potatoes, but less than one singular TF2 Heavy.


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