Are pilots required to fly certain planes?

Hey guys Gman here today I have a question for your guys. Are pilots required to fly certain planes ?
Now some of you may not understand but I mean say I fly the Boeing 757 for delta all the time. Is that the only plane I could fly or could I fly the 777 or 737. Are pilots only trained to fly certain planes ? Thank you guys really appreciate it. If any pilots want to answer this that would be great but if my fellow community members know that would be great as well .

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Pilots are type rated for one aircraft only. :) For GA, that can only be a check ride with an instructor. For bigger commercial airliners, it’s a whole course. Once you’re type rated for an aircraft, you can’t fly other types, even though you have been type rated for said aircraft before.

This is why the A319, A320 and A330 (and the other airbus airliners as well) have a really similar or even identical cockpit, to lower the cost of type rating pilots who already have been type rated for another one before. :)


Oh ok interesting thank you :)


In the commercial airline world : its rare that they fly more than one plane, but there are a few pilots i know of that fly 75/76 along with 777, C130 along with A319/20 series. Again, this is rare, but all he or she needs to do is stay current( Every year sit in the sweat box aka sim to make sure you are proficient per company and faa standards. )

In the corporate aviation world, however its a lot more common. Many guys are typed in Falcons and Cit X for example and a combo of others.


That’s what I was wondering because I know I’m going to fly JetBlue, but idk if I should fly the A320 or A321…

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Up to you since you have to learn only the A320 since the A321’s controls are very similar to the A320


The type rating for the 757 and the 767 is the same.

well said Mats…agreed

Yup. It will specify in your atp cert. You will have to go through a differences course though.

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I was on a flight next to a CRJ pilot for DELTA long time ago, and I ask him about that. He told me exactly that, once you are trained for a specific type, you can only fly that type. If you are to change aircraft, its a whole drifferent training for that. He said that one of the reasons for this is that if a pilot is trained to fly multiple aircrafts, it can lead to mistakes and errors since the pilot can think he is a different cockpit than he actually is. But like the example of the airbuses 19/20/21 etc, CRJ pilots can fly any type of CRJ’s… 200/700/900 etc, they’re all the same for what I heard.

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They both similar aircraft so it shouldn’t be that hard

Im Sorry Mate but thats wrong, In the EASA world and I’m fairly certain FAA you can hold multiple Type Ratings as long as you stay current on the type (90 Validity Rule), Is it common no not anymore really depending the airline and your experience level, I know plenty of captains with multiple ratings, its just we either retired the fleet or they got bored and let it fall out of Validity, all you need is a Check ride among other things (refresh course) to get the Validity on Type. but some of my Colleagues at BA do have Multi Types and Keep them active. Some Type ratings fall in the “Common” rule as in A330 and A340 is the same type rating… and my favourite is that the 777 and 787 are tied together apparently i was talking to someone i know at BA who flies the 777 and he said that the systems are pretty different and he is amazed it got tied in on the rating. Also A320 Type " “cheap” tell that to easyjet £39’000 for type, base and line on Flexi Crew. :P

Happy Flying,

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My uncle says he is only certified to fly a 737, not sure what type of 737 though, he flys for UPS.

Most of us are only certified on one type at a time, makes life way more simple and most modern airlines only have you fly the one type, easy for rostering and other things. plus the SOP change from one aircraft type to another.
Does UPS still fly the 737? thought they got rid of them ages ago.


The Type Rating is for the A320 Family -18, -19, 20, 21 you would be certified on Type for all regardless if you flew the A320 or A321. Lucky you a great Type rating :)

I’m 99% sure that is what he told me he flys, when he gets back from vacation I can ask him.

I just checked what ups uses to fly and they don’t use the 737, so now I’m confused lol, now I definitely have to ask.

Can someone be type rated for the A320 series and a330 series while also being type rated for the 777 and 787 for example

A pilot here in the States can hold multiple type ratings, however that usually does not carry over to their job. A Delta MD-88 pilot is type rated for the MD-88, therefore will not be flying the 777 or any other jet for Delta (with exception to perhaps the MD-90) unless they’re transferred to that equipment and complete the required training. This same pilot can have type ratings for Cessna 172, King Air, Sea plane, etc. Your job type rating will keep you narrowed into a specific aircraft, but you can still hold multiple type ratings for your own private flying while off the job.

Maybe they used to use the 737? Not too sure on UPS but I do have a Gemini model that’s a UPS 737. They’re typically pretty authentic, for what that’s worth.