Are Oceanic Tracks Mandaory?

I’m about to do a long haul from RJAA-KORD, but there really isn’t a matching oceanic track for my trip. Can I just use the fixes from the flight plan generated? Here it is: RJAA 3614N/14319E LEPKI 4200N/16000E 4500N/17000E 4600N/18000E 4700N/17000W 4800N/16000W 4900N/15000W 4900N/14000W PRETY TAMRU SEFIX TOU ARRIE SEA STEVS ZAXUL FINUT TUFFY UPUGE HEXOL TOUGH JELRO KEKPE UFFDA HSTIN ZZIPR WELCM TEEOO 4248N/9032W MITEE BHAWK STNLE CUUPP CHMPN CLSBY FYTTE MOTRR COGSS MADII SOOLU CARLE KORD


Nope, definitely not mandatory at this point because IF doesn’t have all of them! Enjoy your flight!

You can do whatever you want, the tracks are just to help

Are the tracks updated according to real life? Or do the devs have to manually change them every now and then?

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Ok, cool! Thanks for the help guys!

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Not quite sure, I thought they were updated for real life conditions, but I’m not 100% sure they are, maybe check in the release announcement?

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