Are my stats safe?

So my subscription expired an hour ago. I see that where it shows my hours, grade, xp, landings, online flights, it says “Account linked to Google”. If I were to uninstall the app, and buy a yearly subscription, because I have it linked to google, would my data be secure and load from the last known numbers as soon as the system recognizes a legitimate subscription? This is probably me being paranoid

Yes, you can log in and they will be the same as long as you do it soon.

Your stats will be perfectly safe as they are backed up to Google.

To clarify (in case this came off the wrong way): Certain time based stats may change depending on how long you’re gone. However, for your purposes, you should be fine.

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Yeah, I meant that they will stay the same as long as he gets the subscription soon.

Yeah I’m descending into EGLL from a transatlantic from KBOS as part of a bigger flight. It happened maybe 90min ago, so nothing major should’ve changed.

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Ok, thanks for the advice. Shut 'er down boys.