Are my stats good, average or bad?

I mean, I think they’re OK.

I just came back from flying in the advanced server 1 with ATC and it was very scary because it was my first time flying in the advanced servers. I think it went very smooth. I’m going to fly in the advanced server way more often. I never flew in it because I was very hesitant in case I made a small mistake but I never and it was just amazing. :smile:

Tell. Do tell

Transitioning, departure to the {e.g: east} and that’s it. I’m a little hesitant on reporting my position but I’m fine with right/left downwind, right/left base and final. I don’t like the crosswind. It’s scary.

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  1. transition - it is the altitude above or = you can pass the airport’s airspace. Dont ask this thing at FL 360 :blush:
  2. Dep - you have been doing patterns and now you want to go to another destination, Use this.
  3. Use the report position command until you are cleared to land/option. After you being cleared, do not use it :wink:


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Transition is simple:

  1. Not above 10,000ft at any airport as that’s the highest it does (bravos). Going down the airports, the airspace also decreases in vertical height so so will the need to ask for transition

  2. If you take off and want to fly over the path of a runway at the same airport you took off from, you have to ask for transition

  3. No need to do if there is an approach controller

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Transition basically means that you will be flying over an airport, above it. You can request a transition and the ATC will tell you an altitude to fly at or above, departure to the east for example means that you are departing to a certain direction and want to get permission for that (correct me if I am wrong). Upwind is like base but on the departure side (same thing, correct me if I am wrong)

Hope it helps!


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Just adding to Dush’s point


Don’t forget that the controllers are human and not computers! Learn the commands and you should be fine

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Don’t use it *unless you think an incident may occur’

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Thanks for your replies everyone! How do you think my stats are?

Yeah I know the report position command is only used before being cleared. I also control in the playground server and get annoyed when I’ve cleared someone to land and they’re saying final. Thanks so much for the advice!!

Thank you so much!!

Thanks Samuel! :smiley:

I’ve learnt the majority of them ;) but I know controllers do get very annoyed because a small mistake and everyone on all planes will die.


Oh yes like the world is going to end! I know been there done that bought the shirt just gotta wait until you get that decent guy or girl who just understands!

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No problem ((: Anything else you want to know feel free to PM me ✌🏻️

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@jooeball Also there is a command you can send that basically says that you are already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports, it can be found in misc. messages, ie “you are already cleared to land” :)

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I’m in KSNA doing ATC practice if you want to join. It’s 8:00pm GMT!!!

All are welcomed!


Will fly there then. P.s, do your best ;-)

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Yeye. I know :smile: I use it quite a lot :smile:

Playground or advcnecdffdsafgtesawtgertuhr? @JGK00

Lol ehh it’s playground!

Playground ;)


Coming in as D-USH! :wink:

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