Are multiple violations supposed to happen?

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I was flying the other day in a Boeing 717, and I must have set my speed for a ~0.87 Mach cruise, when the maximum speed is 0.85 Mach. (I didn’t know that speed limit at the time, only now).

I left my phone while the flight ran, and when I came back, I had been kicked out of the server and received 4 violations. When later checking the replay, I saw that these 4 violations came in the span of 1 minute.

I’d like to know if this is normal and supposed to happen, or if this is a technical error that happened only to me.

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Yes, you can get 6 violations before the system ghosts you. You get a violation every 20 seconds from the warning if nothing is done.

The B717’s cruise speed is M .77. Why you were cruising faster than the MMo M .85 is beyond me.


No, this happens to us all

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Overspeed violations which cant be overturned.



Sure, I didn’t know that was the Boeing 717’s cruise was .77 Mach.

If you don’t mind, where are you getting that information? Are you just looking it up or do you have a website? Only asking for future reference, so next time I do a flight, I know what to set the cruise speed at.


You can find it right here on the IFC!


You can look it up on either Wikipedia or Boeing’s website, which I believe lists the specifications for each aircraft.

Or the IFC ^


You can find it here:

Click the side bar and click “Infinite Flight Aircraft, Liveries, & More”

Thanks, @Jan!


Thank you so much!

I’ll use this next time.

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