Are mods willing to comment further on this?

Yesterday, an official twitter post was sent out saying that “Infinite Flight 22.7 is imminent”, and in roughly three hours, the Infinite Flight userbase gets the first look of the newly overhauled ERJ175 in a Youtube livestream being hosted Dan Woodhams.

Is the Infinite Flight administration willing to comment further on these releases? What does imminent mean? Does this mean that the 22.7 update will be released in a few days? Or is a few weeks more realistic?

The definition of imminent is “about to happen”. Take what you will from that.


I’d say it will be released when they are ready to release it. Nobody knows.

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When something is imminent, it means something is close/about to happen.

However, a release date has not been announced.


Don’t get too tied up in wording. It’ll come out when it comes out and it’s clear it will be very very soon.

That’s all you need to know and understand. 🙂



I think its imminent. 😜