Are long hauls ruining my battery?

I am currently panicking a bit because my maximum battery capacity went down about 4% in about one month. This past week, I’ve been doing one long haul to ultra long haul flight every night (my settings on long hauls are low graphics, 0 brightness, nighttime, and volume to mute). So did my battery go down because of these long hauls I did in the past week every day? And is it bad for my battery if I continue to do one long haul to ultra long haul flight every night?

PS: I use an iPhone XR



Do you charge your device while flying? A reason why battery capacity goes down is because of the device being at low charge for a lot of the time

try reducing graphics, using night mode, point camera in sky, low power mode, limit frame rate, HUD timeout, anti anilizing off

Is it bad to leave the phone charging on a long haul overnight?

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It’s quite normal for battery capacity to go down with age and use of the device. My capacity is now at 89%

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Yes I have all these settings

What device do you use?

I also have an XR but I mainly use my iPad Pro for IF

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Yes, your battery is aging because of your long haul flights. This happens to everyones phone. The more time your on your phone, the faster the battery health goes down, even if your charging during the long haul flight it’ll go down even more. Changing the settings on Infinite Flight will not do anything to slow down the aging hence its not necessarily connected to the phones system.


Oh ok thanks. Do you know how much is a “normal” percentage for the health to decrease in a month?

Well, their isn’t a “normal” percentage for the health decrease hence everyone uses there phones at different time frames. But mine went down to 89% within 7 months and I own a iPhone 11.

It all depends on usage and phone model

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I believe this problem is probably down to having your phone constantly on charge whilst flying this will be damaging your battery thus resulting in the decreasing battery health.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Jason!

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But you don’t use your phone for IF right?

Nope, I don’t use it for my phone, but I am on my phone a lot while its charging too… You can also always replace your battery which is like 30$.


Not that cheap with Apple I think

Yeah that’s not really very expensive in case my battery gets ruined.

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Last time I checked it was 30$ It probably went up as always LOL.


Yeah I think it’s like $60 or $70 CAD just for the battery at Apple

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