Are long haul flights worth it? If yes, what re some tips?

I need help, should I do a 12 hour long haul? If yes, give me some tips for a successful flight.


They’re always worth it especially for building flight time and xp. Keep your device’s brightness on the minimum settings on cruise, low power mode on and reduce all settings to medium(due to the device crashes).


Fo whatever flight you would like! What ever makes you happy :D

Here are some of my top tips :

Graphics To Low (at cruise)
Go into the overhead camera view (at cruise)
Put airplane count to 0 (at cruise)
Limit frame of
Enjoy 😊

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I recommend flying overnight so you can still use your device during the day but for the flight here are my tips. Turn ‘‘Interface timeout’’ on and ‘’ Hide Status Bar’’, turn your device brightness all the way down to reduce pixel burn and look up if you look up it decreases the chance of crashing by not loading terrain

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If you’re planning to fly long term on flights more than an hour, I’d highly suggest going into ‘Settings > General > Hide Status Bar’ whe on cruise. Leaving it on will burn your device badly over time.

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So overheating won’t be a problem anymore?

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8’m just worried I might cause a fire or something.

Sure they are! You can build a good amount of hours (60+/- per week if you do it every day). Few tips:
Time: night
Brightness: 0%
Camera: I use cockpit but I see someone with tower pointing in the sky.

The chances of your device catching on fire is very, very minimal. I can’t guarantee that, but it’s unlikely :)

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Thanks for the reassurance! (Not sarcasm)

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Anytime! Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.

(I do long hauls at least 3 times a week. I’ve never had a device problem)

Should I leave my device charging while doing the long haul? Or should I have it charged already?

If you’re worried about getting bored, do em overnight. (takeoff before you sleep, land when you wake up). If you’re paranoid about your plane spiralling out of control while you sleep, do them on casual server, unless you really need ATC, there’s no reason not to.

It depends if your device has good battery life. If it can go the distance, don’t charge it, if it can’t, maybe plug it in. I plug mine in and it works fine.

Low power mode reduces the frame rate which together with brightness reduces power consumption, so, overheating becomes a non-issue really.

And do what @Thunderbolt has posted below. Only charge your device when necessary to conserve the battery life.

I have an iPad Pro 2018, it dosen’t have a low power mode, maybe I’ll leave it charging.

The low power mode is not the iOS one. Go to settings in the Infinite Flight app, then settings, scroll below to low power mode ;)

That device has a 10 hour battery life. If it can go the distance, go for it.

I would recommend on what other people have done is put your device in a cool place

Yes, but my flight is 12 hours…