Are lingus Liveries

[poll] [type=regular results=always]

  • Yes this is needed
  • This can wait for now
  • This isn’t needed
    [/poll] Infinite flight needs to add the A330 aer lingus liverys. I’m not sure why they weren’t added in the first place.

I’m 100% for it being added into the sim!

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It is a necessity as I’m Irish


@Balloonchaser is saying there is another topic, so you should vote for that. Also make sure your poll is working correctly.

I totally get you! I love the green color of the aircraft. The A330 Rework is the top request for the developers and the Aer Lingus A330 Rework Topic is one of the highest voted topics of the A330 topics. I’m sure that once/if the developers rework the A330, the Aer Lingus Livery would be included


How do I get it to work

Try making sure all the text is touching.

[poll type=regular results=always public=true]

  • Yes this is needed!!
  • It can wait for now
  • This isn’t necessary [/poll][poll name=poll2 type=regular results=always public=true]
  • yes this is needed
  • It can wait for now
  • This is necessary

Try this code, add a “]” after [/poll

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Please vote on the linked feature request