Are legacy planes free?

Are legacy planes free? In the latest update a message appears when selecting legacy planes that says that the plane you are selecting is not the same as the newest aircraft. I was wondering if this was because now we will need a pro subscription to use legacy planes or if the reworks that legacy planes get will only be available with a subscription?

Nothing has changed in terms of which aircraft are free. They’re just labeled differently due to them being quite old and not up to the same standards as the others.


Yeah that makes sense!!

So does that means that the F-18 rework will be avaible for free users?

Isn’t this your topic asking that same question? ;)

Hahaha yes I just wanted to know but no one is sure about it

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Nope, because we haven’t said anything about it… yet.

Guess well have to wait and see

Question are infinite flight trying to rule out free planes by not updating them all.

I think that maybe the smaller planes should be free e.g. Daher and maybe bombardier

I think this because they would be used more as generally people pay for the bigger planes.

Overall brilliant simulator

Keep up the good work Devs

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