Are Jumbo Jets Dying off?

Jumbo Jets are a amazing thing in the word, they carry and astonishing amount of people over a large amount of land in a short amount of time, but are iconic Jets like the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380 inefficient? Why are companies throwing away their 747’s and why is the amount of purchases for the A380 slowing down? This is mostley because of the inefficiency of the aircraft for some companies. 747 definitely was not as popular as it used to be as a new aircraft. For the 747 some companies are throwing away because the aircraft is outdated, created in the 1900’s to the early 2000’s the aircraft is not as efficient with fuel compared to new aircraft. An extensive amount of fuel that is needed to spend on the aircraft is not worth to keep the airplane running in business. In for the Boeing 747-8 he was a little amount of sales then anticipated for the aircraft, the fuel efficient efficiency comes at a price and a very expensive one. This goes for the same thing for the Airbus A380 aircraft is a very expensive aircraft and is a gas guzzler, making it hard to have the aircraft and had it running an operation. The one of the most main reasons why jumbo jets are being used is because the lack of people for each destination of the aircraft. Do you think jumbo jets are dying off? What do you think are going to happen to all of them?


I think Boeing and Airbus killed their Jumbos with their own other aircraft. There was the 787-9 for Boeing, and the A350-900 for Airbus.


I think Jumbo Jets era is going to end soon. Many airlines can’t fill passengers like on A380. And more aircraft like B787 which enables us to go to somewhere without a stop (Point to Point). That’s why airlines uses a motto “Frequency over Capacity” (i.e, B77W only with 256 seats, but they have alot of daily flights)

Jumbo Jet’s Golden Era is only when Air Travelling was booming in the past


I would say yes, a lot more focus on the 787 and the A350 these days, the 747’s are dying off more then i would have liked though, the 747 has none of the fuel efficacy compared to most in service aircraft these days. I see why the 747 is dying off but it’s still sad. The A380 is only around a decade old, not old at all, quite a young thing. I see no problems with the A80’s maybe just that a lot of airlines might not be able to fill them, therefore there flying around with empty seats, therefore airlines might choose the 787 or A350 due to the fact that chances are they can fill most of the seats, therefore more money. That’s my take on it, some people might disagree, but you asked for my opinion now you have it :)


The A380 fuel efficiency can’t be that bad… It has Trent 900 engines??


Well dying off in terms of passenger carriers. I think the only way to keep 747 production going for a while longer, boeing should focus their efforts on the 747-8 freighters, and trying to appeal to the cargo companies for now. Won’t be long though till they decide to end it all though.

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Of course they’re “dying off”, the fuel consumption and emissions are just not up to today’s standards. Considering the program was started in the 1960s, it has come a long way. That’s why newer models are continuously produced to suit the ever-changing airline industry and to give airlines and passengers what they want to see today. It has served well throughout it’s lifetime and revolutionised air travel up until today where newer and larger aircraft are offered.

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Boeing is continuously marketing to all airlines that might be interested in both variants. There is no since market to satisfy but an entire industry who might want the airplane.

It’s been shown that people prefer direct flights. (gasp, who’d have thought?!?)

Direct flights work best with leaner aircraft.


Yes… yes they are

As I said in an another post I think there is a shift happening in the market right now.

The 747 is been without doubt one of the most popular aircrafts but sales have been weak for a while. I think there are two factors to consider: an economical one and a technological one.

In regards to the economical one, as someone already said, is becoming every day more difficult to fill these big planes simply because the way people travel and the economy in general changed compared to when the 747 was first thought and brought to the market.

There is also a technological reason I think. Right now is very difficult to sell such an “outdated” product when you have the 787 within your product line. The market is shifting towards a new kind of aircraft made of composite materials, more and more electric power, very powerful software which ultimately make the aircraft very efficient. In this sense both the 787 and the A350 are a glimpse into that future.

In this context is really difficult for an airline to justify the decision to buy the 747. As sad as can it sound, what’s happening to the 747 is part of every product life cycle and the best decision Boeing can make at this point is to remove it from the market and they will at some point. Again, it’s normal and happens to every product of every company in the world.


First of all A350XWB has not killed A380, it can’t even challenge A380 the Queen herself. For Example Emirates uses a bunch of A380’s and still has orders for more A380’s. If A350XWB has indeed killed A380 in this example we’ll see Emirates throwing away A380’s for A350XWB but that is not the case. The fact that A380 can’t land at many airports that is why small airlines (eurowings) who operate at mostly smaller airports don’t wanna go for A380’s and all the big and major Airlines who operate mostly at bigger airports and on international routes go for the A380.

Anyways I believe 747 is dead already, even Donald Trump has threatened to cancel the air force on order. And for the 747-8i which is the passenger version has 0 orders. So what is keeping 747 around for a very little time is ups 747-8f order.

And one last thing don’t argue with me about who is the Queen of the skies. (It is really annoying and childish). A380 will forever be the Queen. 747 can be your queen though.


No the A380 is dead just like the 747. When you rely on half your orders from one airline its not a good sign that the aircraft is able to operate as a whole in the industry. Emirates was an exception because of their very aggressive operating vision. While Emirates is able to operate their A380 with limited success, the A380 and the 747 are outdated in that they rely on 4 engines which will always use more fuel than a twin engine jet. In an age where airlines are more concerned about what they are spending on fuel, the quad engine jet is a thing of the past. Efficiency now rules the skies.


A380 is a very efficient aircraft ant it will take two 747’s or two 777’s to do the job of A380. A380 is not dying as long as airlines have orders for it and some airlines are even begging for an A380neo.

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A380 will use more fuel but will take more passengers than any other plane which in turns generates more money.

Sorry mate but this is the classic fanboy answer. I have nothing against the A380, you’re definitely missing the point and/or have very little knowledge of how economy works ;)


What if you take your time and explain to me what “economy” is. 747-8i doesn’t even have a single order that is what we call a dead plane. This argument is also getting ridiculous too.

The 747-8 has currently 29 aircraft on order.


Are you talking about the old orders or what? (Lufthansa, korean, china) Because as of now 747-8i has 0 orders.

The B747-8 isn’t any more outdated then current aircraft like the B777-300ER so your point is not valid. It’s not the same as the B747-400 they actually updated the cockpit and improved the aircraft