Are IF accepting anymore IFAET members?

Hola geezers, about 3-4 months ago I put in my application for the IFAET team, and all I got was “be patient” haha. Just wanted to know if they’re still taking in members?

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They are! Group 5 was just added. I know patience has been stated too many times but another thing to think is, if you haven’t been picked yet there’s a higher chance you will in the next group!


sweet, sounds good, hopefully soon haha!

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Do you mean IFAET? or IFAE?


the airport editing one lol


If you’re referencing for the Airport Editing Team, yes it’s a slow feed-in process. We’re looking at improving on how we invite members into the team to get more people in at a better level of efficiently.

There’s over 2,000 applications meaning it certainly isn’t easy to manage this all at once as every airport is manually reviewed prior to it releasing into an update.

Thought I’d share the info and let you know our status on a more official and direct communication.

– ECoops123
Airport Reviewer


Sweet, appreciate that bro, ill keep hanging on haha

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IFAE is a VA which stands for Infinite Flight Aviation Experts and the IFAET is Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team :)

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whoops, thanks bro!

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Hi !

Are you IFAET now ?


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Nope not yet :(


I applied 1 or 2 months ago, don’t know for sure. But can we see somewhere the status when the new airport editing team will come? Or do you have any updates what date that will be?


Levi Weterings :)

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fr, I applied around 5-8 months ago (I’ve lost count lmao) and every time I ask I either get “impatient” or nothing lol. I just want a status update lmaooo

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They are taking their time, it is hard to manage 2k applications…
But some people will get accepted within 3 months and some people within 8 months.

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Yeah totally, I get that, I just wouldnt mind a status as to weather or not they’re even processing anything because I know sometimes they are and sometime they aren’t. However, I know I just gotta be patient so I dont really mind

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What I did to ignore my impatience I applied for IFATC and passed in IFATC and now I am a IFATC specialist lol. So I will see when I get accepted to become an aiport editor.

Applications are still on hold. Let me paint a picture for y’all. Right now, we have 507 total airport editors. This count includes Apprentices and Editors. There’s 21 Reviewers right now, and 5 Moderators. We currently have 70 airports in the review process. That’s about 3 Reviewers for every 10 airports.

Each day, more and more of members of our 507-person team keep putting airports into the queue. If we add even more people, we have to dedicate time away from reviewing to teaching new editors the basics. This further backs up the queue, and things get increasingly complex.

We simply don’t have the manpower to properly handle an increase in workload by adding new editors. If you do join, you’ll be spending time waiting for your first airport to get reviewed, and the average wait time to get an airport reviewed is about 20-30 days.

That’s the honest truth of it. It’s not feasible to add any more people than we already have. We’re all doing the best we can to expedite the process internally, but with holidays around the corner, and many of us having to attend to exams and work, it’s a tough process.


know when are the next recruitments?


When we can bring the queue down to a manageable level. That could be tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.

It’s a waiting game, and we need you all to be patient. It’s not easy, and that’s acknowledged, but it’s the reality.


If I were to make a guess, you might see some additions in early 2023. But I’m not going to speculate and get people’s hopes up any further. Zack’s answer is honestly the best you’re going to get for now. We’ve discussed this internally as a team, and our collective stance right now is still maintaining a manageable workload and letting applicants wait.

Keep in mind that this does NOT disqualify you from applying. Applications are being accepted, but no people will picked to join just yet. You’re simply being added to the queue.