Are helicopters a possibility in IF? What do you think

Think about it, helicopters are cool, hovering, flying and hovering. I’m sure the physics associated with making it work are pretty intricate. But imagine flying a chinook or a Black Hawk helicopter or even a civilian helicopter. I think it would bring a new base of people to IF. Would be cool to see, what do you think?

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Hey there, @LukeF4.

I agree with you that adding helicopters would be a very good addition to the simulator.
I highly recommend you go and vote for helicopters in the thread provided below, and maybe we’ll see them implemented into the game soon. :)

A helicopter I believe has been made in the past just for a bit of fun by the devs, but was never implemented into public IF gameplay.

There’s civilian Blackhawk and Chinooks ;)

Well, take it as you will but here’s a quote by Laura:


Would be cool! but I don’t think it would suite IF’s “Style”, I think they would get in the way.

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Hey there, please always check before you make a topic, to avoid duplicates - they just end up getting closed :(

You can however vote for this here:



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Just to note, although we have been continuing the discussion and I hate being the picky one, but this was already pointed out in the first post.

(It took me 8 minutes to find this image.)

Here is an accurate representation:

Trying to find an appropriate picture too, jeez.

Sorry for the ridiculous off-topic, but it just came to mind 😂

I’m in stitches right now 🤣🤣🤣

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Ahh I do apologise. Good picture by the way!


TL 2 mind you 👌


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