Are Gemini Jets still worth it?

I think they are well worth it. I have this great website I purchase model planes from at a great price. It is There are also other brands sold there that are amazing, such as JC Wings, Dragon models, aeroclassics, etc.

ooo also do the wheels work and that?

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From a 1:200 scale collector’s perspective: Gemini Jets are only worth it if you account for the fact that they are collectable, hold their value, and are easy to resell (again, particularly 1:200). I’ve purchased quite a few over the years, and although they are awesome to display and look at, I’ve recently found that if you take good care of them and hold on to them for a few years, you can easily sell them for the same or much more then you purchased them for. For example, I have a model that I bought for around $60 that is now worth well over $200, and because there are so few on the market, I can sell it almost immediately (on eBay) at any time to make a profit. In that way, It’s actually a pretty good investment. Not just for your personal enjoyment as an avgeek but as a way to make money.


oooooo what plane does u has :o it seems really cool to be in this community with very helpful people to answer some questions for you

Gemini jets are overpriced and broken. The first one i ever got broke from being on a shelf. They cost like 30 dollars and dont get me wrong they look very realistic but i dont really like it when a part breaks off a plane. Also im not big on collecting jets so 30 bucks isnt really worth it to me.

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Hello there!

If you are collecting 1:200, Heck yes! 1:400, no. If you choose 1:400, I recommend Herpa.

Also, don’t like Gemini? Check out JC Wings, they make very good 1:200 and 1:400 models!

(Although I haven’t bought any 1:400 so I wouldn’t know)

If you want any pics, feel free to DM me!

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I have those two, and from my experience the A220 sucks, but I find my A320neo quite good actually.

Instead of buying a diecast model, try your hand at one of Zvezda’s 1:144 airliners. Many people have said they’re quite good, and you have lots of airline options from companies like 26decals.
It’ll be a more rewarding experience than buying a premade diecast model.

Except for the engines…although they have been improving they are still nearly scraping the ground

I trust your view on this though, as I am fairly new and only happen to have exactly those two models xD


I’m the last person you would want to talk about that, but based on my 1 1/400model experience, I’d say yes.