Are Gemini Jets still worth it?

Hello I am thinking of starting a Plane Collection but I saw Gemini Jets earileir and i wanted to see if it was worth the money


I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing and have the financial flexibility to do so, go for it. Obviously not everyone has that financial flexibility to purchase models, so not everyone can build collections, which is totally understandable. I can’t speak from a perspective of someone that collects mode, because well, I don’t do that kind of stuff, but like I said, if you have financial flexibility and a little bit of spending room, by all means go for it, just remember to set priorities and not be too greedy with it.


Ok thank You so much :D

I am pretty new to collecting planes but I feel like Gemini does not have the highest quality. I can’t compare it to other producers as I only have 2 Gemini Jets but they aren’t the best from my point of view



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Personally, I think Gemini jets isn’t worth it. Although it has many types of model planes, I think it is more expensive than others and not very detail such as the narrow body jets.

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Well, I’ll throw in my perspective on Geminijets:

Mainly, there are two things: The Type and the Price, already you are at a disadvantage for GJ if you buy straight off of their store because other model makers such as NG Models charge several dollars less for similar aircraft. However, assuming you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, or perhaps you want a certain only they have produced we can move onto Type. As you probably know, all different aircraft types are created via a Mould, and most definetly are some of these better than others. An example of this would be their A320neo mould, simply put: It’s horrible. Here is a picture from 1:400 Reviews, I highly suggest checking him out as he does really good model reviews!

I mean, as you can see there are many problems with just looking at the front of the aircraft. Engines, paint job, landing gear, alignment, truly I’m not sure why you would spend the money on this to get this result.

However, on the flipside there are several of their good moulds, such as the Boeing 757, specifically the -300. Here is the example also from 1:400 reviews:

If you read in-depth, you can see that this is one of GJ’s best models. The only things that are problematic it seems are that there was an antenna that was not there and the engine fan color seems to be a little dark. So although some might say GJ is not worth it, I say that it truly depends on what type you are looking for, some of their better examples for me are:

Boeing 737-MAX (-8 and -9)
Boeing 757 (-200 and -300)
Boeing 777-300ER (-200 has slight issues)
Airbus A330-300 (-200 also has slight issues)
Airbus A350-900XWB (I don’t think they have made a -1000 yet)

Now, some of their aircraft which you are probably better off finding at a different retailer like NG Models:

Airbus A220-300 (Haven’t made a -100)
Airbus A320neo
Boeing 717-200

Of course, this is just my opinion but still I think this is a good representation of everything that they do.

But yeah, that is all from me and thank you for watching National Geog- oh…this isn’t a documentary? Dang


Answer: not really.

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They don’t make them like they use to anymore, very few models made now are high quality for a relatively reasonable price so I’d save the money for something that would be beneficial in your life (schooling/college/university)


I got an American Airlines Gemini jet and the gears were broke when the got over here a horizontal stabilizer is missing when it came, I know it’s the mailing services fault but please put fragile on them

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It’s not GJ that’s facing quality control issues, I recently got a NG Wizz Air model and it feels like the left wing is on the verge of falling off. Having second thoughts ordering anymore models now!

I do own two models in 1:200 of Gemini Jets. One Fokker 27 with KLM Cityhopper Livery. It was part of the 100years of Aviation series and there is only one issue with the Model. The stand is weird ( my view, but it is ok for the small model) and one instrument on the roof is a little bit wrong placed, but it isnt such a big deal.

My second Model is a 1:200 Emirates A388 in the green Expo 2020 Livery. There are no problems with Model, i do love it but i was buying it from a retailer who puts more safety into the Boxes to make sure the packet doesnt get Damaged. My Package was a little bit damaged, but both models had been very fine!

You have to decide, but you could visit a store and take a look by yourself and decide then!

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In my opinion, Gemini is getting a bit on the pricey side (though the quality of some models is questionable). I’ve had plenty of good experiences with Gemini with only a couple of models coming in broken.

An alternative to Gemini is NG Models giving the most bang for your buck ($45 for highly detailed models such as the 737, 757, etc).

You can always do your research, Youtube has a lot of people who review models.

For Gemini, I’d recommend the following models and retail price bracket:

  • Boeing 757 Family (Best if 40-55 dollars)
  • Boeing 777 Family (Best if 45-55 dollars)
  • Airbus A350-900 (their -1000 is questionable from what I’ve heard) (best if 45-55 dollars)
  • Airbus A380 (best if 55-65 dollars)
  • Boeing 787 Family (best if 45-55 dollars)
    If you’ve got a bit extra, Gemini’s 1:200 scale is really good.

For NG Models, I’d recommend

  • Boeing 737 Family
  • Boeing 757 Family (put them onto the map)
  • Airbus a320 Family
  • Airbus a330 Family

Both NG and Gemini are great companies. I’d advise ordering from retailers such as DGpilot as those retailers typically sells new models at a discounted price. Buying from Amazon (which I did in the past) is a bit expensive, while ebay is just risky.

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If you want me to personally give my opinion, I wouldn’t get Gemini Jets. I have spoken with several people who have airports for Gemini Jets, and frankly, its just not worth it for what you pay. It always tends to arrive broken in some way, and its very expensive. The only reason people tend to get Gemini is to build model airports with them. I, personally, have never found the investment all that great.

I personally think, for display purposes, Skymarks and Daron models are the best. I own around eight.


oh ok do you know any cheap ones made from skymarks of daron that have wheels? or no

Like around 40-60 dollars?

Sometimes, when a model is shipped, it gets really beat up, its sad that some people cough cough luggage carriers, mistreat people’s things.

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oh ok thx :))

Yes, actually. The 1:400th A380 model is about 60-80 and has working engines and landing gear.

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from what daron, skymarks or who