Are flight plans meant to show on TS1 and Casual servers on liveflight?


I was just wondering about whether I should be able to see my flight plans on when I am flying on Training server 1 and on the Casual server.

On expert server, It can often take 5 mins to load the flight plan, so am I just being impatient with the other two, or is it physically impossible to see my flight plans on any server but expert?


Hello there! Welcome to the community.

I suggest you contact @Cameron and he should get back to you soon :)

Also I’m having the issue too. I can only see my flight plan when I’m flying on the expert server.

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Also, like Thomas mentioned, welcome to the forums! Please be sure to check out this handy guide on the forums created by one of the other users here.


I just found this in Cameron’s topic covering the update to the app. He just confirmed a day ago that you can only view flight plans for the expert server.

I apologise if I caused any confusion with my previous response now withdrawn and I hope this answers your question.

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Thank you all for the helpful information and the friendly welcome. I will go ahead and contact @Cameron! :)


Oh ok, thank you! :)

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They’re only available on the Expert Server for the time being (fair amount of background processing required). I’m planning on redoing this on the backend to add support for all servers some time this summer :)


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