Are Colours Right?

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I was practicing to control at OTHH and took a look at the METAR. It read ‘07008KT’. I therefore understand that winds come from 070 and are at 8 knots.

My airport hence indicated runways 16L/R in orange; runways 34L/R in red. At a close airport, it however indicated runway 15 in red and runway 33 in orange.

In such circumstances, how is runway 15 in red and runway 33 in orange? Shouldn’t it be the other way round? If I’m wrong, could you break it down for me?

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This happens a lot. What i was told to do is look at the metar dont look at the rwy color cause it can be wrong. Example a rwy in red can be a rwy giving head winds and a rwy in green can be giving tail winds. Again, all u have to do is look at metar dont take on the rwy color


I was going to explain, but @Levi.TT gave u a awesome explanation.


So am I right? Should RWY15 have been in orange and RWY33 in red in this case?

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This makes sense, as nearby airports (though close to each other) can often have different weather conditions.

At OTHH (based off the readings you gave me), the winds show as such:

Meaning yes, the runway colorings are correct.

At OTBD (the airport you are referring to), the winds are reading 060 at 8 knots, which you can see is obviously different than that at OTHH, meaning the runway readings are going to be different.

Headwinds are always favorable. Though it may appear that it is direct crosswinds either way, you can see a slight headwind to the 16’s at OTHH, and a slight headwind to 33 at OTBD.


Not necessarily… when the wind is coming from 070, it’s nearly a 90 degree difference from both runways 33 and 15. In simpler terms, it’s almost 100% a crosswind for both the runways. So, you’d be fine using either.

I’ll add that the colors were technically right, but since it was mostly a crosswind, the benefits of using the 16s are negligible.


Oh I see, wow! Those airports were so closed, I couldn’t imagine that winds could cause such a change. Thanks for the explanation!

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I see, I see. So if I was controlling that airport, could I have used both RWY15/33 for arrivals and departures?

Not both, but either. It would be your choice!

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Yes, you can use one for arrivals and one for departures.

Example: RWY15R for arrivals and 15L for departures, therefore, if a go-around happens, the departure traffic would not interfere with the go-around traffic.

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But only use like one heading, do no use both headings, I mean like, dont use rwy 15R for departures and 33L for arrivals (which is the same RWY) because the traffic will not be organized

Alright, thanks for your explanations!


Thats what it should of been but once again dont look at colors look at metar

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