Are APPR and ATC (not live ATC) only available in pro version?

Are APPR and ATC {not live ATC) only available in PRO version?

There is only ATC on live and APPR is only on certain aircraft.

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ATC is only available on Live and with Pro subscription only.

APPR mode is available offline, without Pro aswell, but on certain aircraft only.

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APPR (Auto Land) is only available on certain aircraft. It does not matter if you are on solo or pro.

ATC is only available when flying live. Either on Casual (unicom) or on one of the other training or expert servers (Live ATC)

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You can not ATC if you do not have an live account

There’s no Unicom on solo…


He meant casual i think

Thanks for replies. Just 1 more question. Are the airports and waypoints available in Solo version those that are within an individual boxed area?

Many thanks again! Soon as I figure out how to land without crashing, I will upgrade to PRO! Hopefully the newest generation iPad will handle Infinite-Flight Pro.


Waypoints and airports are in a boxed area without Infinte Flight Pro.
With Infinite Flight Pro, you have the whole world in both Solo and Live.

Also, all current gen iPads (excluding iPad Mini 4) will run IF perfectly.

mini 4 works just fine… But yea, new devices should have no problem

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At MAX though?
The only reason I excluded the iPad Mini 4 is because it’s almost 4 years old now, even though it’s the latest iPad Mini.