Are all the crashes from 19.4 going to be fixed in 20.1?

Since the release of 19.4, game crashes have plagued us and while some were not able to fly on long-haul flights, my game crashed shortly after takeoff. It is unfortunate that this had to happen because I just got my one-month subscription and if I’m not able to use the app, that will be a lot of money wasted and that means I will never get to buy it again. If the fix is in update 20.1, please release it soon.

The goal of any software development team, including Infinite Flight, is to prevent any bugs and crashes.

The team has identified the issue causing these crashes and is looking for a fix. This reply (and other developer replies in the same thread) outline what the issue is, how they’re working to fix it, and why it’s partially out of their hands.