Are all pilots avgeeks?

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I’ve thought about this a few times, but can’t seem to bring myself to a conclusion for this question, so I thought I’d ask you guys. Are all pilots avgeeks?

Now, there are some jobs that people do, but don’t or haven’t always had a passion for. An example of this is a train conductor. Not all, in fact, most train drivers never were or are major rail enthusiasts. My question is that does this same trend occur across people occupying the profession of pilots.

Are all pilots sitting in the flight deck avgeeks, or are some just regular people who don’t have an interest in aircraft but have the job of a pilot as a profession.

What are your thoughts on this?

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I dont think so! Some pilots only know their own plane. Some pilots only fly for the money. And you have pilots who love to fly and love planes!

So, I dont think all pilots are Avgeeks


Some are more nerds about it then others, some have the passion and love it, others love the title and wants the world to know they’re pilots, others just do it as a job so it varies from person to person


One of my best friends was a Captain for KLM, until he retired last year. It was his first full-time job, straight out of flight school. He’s flown many (KLM) aircrafts; the last years on the B777. He told me it was “just a job, doing a little trick, at the beginning and end of each flight”. Since he retired he is focussing on things totally unrelated to avaiation.

Still loves to travel though, and if he wants to go anywhere, he just phones one of his pilot friends and hops on for free. Nice…


Well it depends on your term AvGeek really! Because of the commitment, time and of course money that is needed to make it on to the flight deck I think you will find that all pilots will have started out with a passion for aviation, which is needed to carry on through their career. Talking to some real life pilots that I know, they might have lost the enthusiasm for the aviation industry, however they all enjoy flying for a living!


I feel like it just depends on the type of pilot. If you are an older GA pilot that doesn’t have any interest in making money from it than I would say you were an AVgeek. But, lets say you were a pilot for Emirates, one of the highest paying airlines. Many of these pilots probably just do it for the money even though it takes a lot of time.

Not necessarily, that is my opinion

I would assume that most commercial pilots have a significant interest in aviation due to the multi-year (& expensive) training process leading up to the career.

Great question, honestly.

Growing up(4yrs old, from what I could remember. Although my parents said since I was 2 I would only buy planes (fighter planes) as toys. No cars or action figures) I always knew I wanted to be a pilot. My parents had other plans as they wanted me to be a doctor. So it was an uphill battle for me. I was engrossed in all things aviation and back then (yea, I’m pretty old) there was no term for someone like that , but now there is.

There are three types of pilots I have personally comes across.

  1. Older folks who went to the armed forces flew some nice planes and just came to the commercial side for the money. They complain and complain so much of how little money they make (he was making 240k + ) and how scheduling shafted them, and how mx doesn’t do their job, and how pretty much everyone else is subpar. You won’t find a drop of avgeek blood in this guy.

  2. Are the type of pilots who has no clue what they wanted to do and either they were given a gift of the intro flight or they randomy picked it cause nothing else worked out. They enjoyed it so why not persue it. They generally love their job complain minimally,but outside of flying you won’t see them in the national air and space museum, red bull air race, or anything aviation related.

  3. These are my favorite as I am one of them. Love my job. I have withdrawals longer than 3 days of not flying, so I pick up bonus trips, you will see me at the gym with a Cessna or aviation tee, and will see me at the anything aviation related. My wife doesn’t get it, but I don’t care. Haha!

#3 is an avgeek in my opinion. The love of all things aviation.

Hope that helps :)


I don’t know why anyone would put in hundreds of thousands of dollars into gaining your hours and additional training if you weren’t an avgeek. Just my 0.02

I agree with you here, I think that all pilots have a level of love for aviation, whether that be large or small. Being a pilot is not just a random job choice that is common for people just trying to make money…there is just too much time and money involved in the training experience.

Thanks for such an awesome answer!


Thanks for all your answers guys. From what most people are saying, it makes sense that most pilots do have a passion for aviation because of the time and money consuming process!

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Nope. After many, many years it’s a job like any other. Good days, bad days, frustrating days but most of all I look forward to my days off.

Formative years screaming around in fast, little things and doing NOE flying in attack helicopters was fun. Airline flying pays the bills.

AIMHO of course.

P.S. I don’t complain. I’m well paid and the job is far better than stacking shelves in the local supermarket! ;D


Maybe during flight-school and the first few years, but just like any other “transport”-job wheather it is being a traindriver, truckdriver, busdriver, ferrydriver or airline-pilot, you will get very tired of it because you are just doing the same thing over and over for many years.

I guess being a pilot could be considered as just a regular job.

Many people study not for something they love, but something that can pay the bills for them and their family. I assume being a Captain of an airliner pays a fair bit (obviously differs on which airline), which could be why many people apply for that job. Another example is Investment Banking - many people like the idea of earning $150,000 a year (at Goldman Sachs) as a first year (without initial bonus), but may not necessarily like the job; for some it’s all about the 💰💰💰.

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Not really some just do it for the money

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