Arduino Joystick IF

Hi, today, during school, I was introduced to this crazy better-than-pi thing called Arduino… And I saw all the cool stuff it could do, joysticks, leds, EVERYTHING! (I know I sound like a 12 year old). So I was wondering, is it possible, to make a joystick for IF thru Arduino?

Sure you can

At my school this is one the projects I am doing as part of my year 9 elective technology course using a Arduino board

Yes this should work as long as it is detected as an input device. Give it a try. Worst that can happen is you learn some valuable things!

Arduino is a good intro to microcontrollers and understanding how hardware can be controlled. I wouldn’t say it’s “better-than-pi” as they are quite different things. The Arduino is just a simple board with an AVR. It’s great for learning how to write firmware that runs on microcontrollers. The pi is a single board computer with a more powerful SoC and peripherals. It’s great for a multitude of things such as running a lightweight server, using software to control the peripherals or other hardware over GPIO, or just as a small PC.

Anyway, enjoy your Arduino!


Well this is coincidental, I’m also doing a project, something for a kindergarten toy.

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Arduino’s are awesome. We coded one as a controller into a Tank shooting game. Very valuable lessons.

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