Arctic routes

I have never really found the right time to do these kind of routes. So i want to try some of them out now. Drop your suggestions of arctic routes below. (Only irl routes)


Santiago de Chile to Sydney in the LATAM B789. The views of Antarctica are great

Is that an irl route btw?

LA801 operates Santiago de Chile to Auckland to Sydney, and then as LA802 Sydney to Auckland to Santiago de Chile. So if you want to fly one leg Santiago de Chile to Auckland is the way to go. Qantas operates directly between SCEL and YSSY but will only resume the route in October, so I’d recommend LA801 for now.

Alternatively, there is QF63 from Sydney to Johannesburg or QF64 in the other direction.

Or what about a charter flight to Antarctica?

For routes near the North Pole there are many many ones:

For example, right now, these flights are on their way up north:

Here is the northernmost flight: Condor from Frankfurt to Anchorage (Alaska) with the B767. This flight could be replicated with the Thomas Cook B767 we have in-game

I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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Here some 🇨🇦Canadian Arctic routes🥶

IST-SFO goes pretty far north, and flight time is about 14 hours

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sfo-dxb literally goes to the north pole, 16 hours

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Literally anywhere from JFK to Asia/China

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Most notable being KJFK-WSSS, if i may add

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