Arctic Crashing?

I was going a flight from LA to Jeddah and my game crashed somewhere over the arctic. The strange thing is that I did a Singapore to LA route a couple of days ago and nothing happened. Another is that I have also tried to do LA to Muscat twice and the same thing occurred. I don’t understand why it seems to crash over the arctic?

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Hey mate,

This is a known issue. Hopefully it is resolved soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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But what confuses me is that it only crashes in the flights I have tried from LA to Muscat and Jeddah. I did a flight from Dubai to LA with no issues.

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Is it the app or aircraft that’s crashing?

Yeah, I feel like there isn’t anything specific that causes the crashes other than what is listed above.

Another suggestion which can help, is if you are doing a long flight, whilst you are in cruise if you aim your camera at the overhead panel in the cockpit or go on to tail camera and point upwards to the sky that can help, as it won’t be loading up the scenery tiles from that camera view.


The app is crashing

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I’ve thought about this and im going to try

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Okay, hopefully it works for you. Some people have used this and crashes have occurred less frequently using this tactic.

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it makes sense so im going to try it the next time i do a flight thanks for the help


No problem mate. Fingers crossed!

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But still, can I reduce lags when looking at the cockpit without looking upwards with low brightness and low power enabled?

Anything you do to help with the device resources may help.

  • Reboot before your flight
  • Kill background running apps (twitter, instagram, facebook, etc)
  • Lower graphics settings
  • Enable low power mode (in IF settings, not device low power mode)
  • On long haul point camera up or use ATC or Tower cam to not download scenery until you are back with your device.

Do the amount of planes in the area also have a effect I usually have mine to low when flying

It helps. Planes dont render unless they are closer to you.

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for me sometimes it lags when there are too many planes but just turn off the planes in live and it goes away

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