ARC Routing

Recently I thought, some airports using ARC routing for arrival or SID.
(This picture is RCSS arrival chart)
But I think in Infinite Flight, ARC routing does not corresponding.
So I hope add this function in future.
If this feature is added, I think it will be more enjoy to play flight:)
Thank you!image

P.S Because I don’t know but I cannot upload to “features” categories so I’ll upload to “General” here.

Sorry, you are not TL2. Keep liking, posting and replying to build your trust so you can post in features in future!

I’m also quite sure these are doable so long as the pilot is skilled enough.

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Hello Angel, I’m pretty sure that’s actually a DME ARC, which is a type of approach.

DME stands for distance measuring equipment. It is implies, it is equipment on the aircraft that can measure the distance from the selected station.

A DME arc then would be a defined circle around the station at a given distance.

I do agree, it would be very cool if Approach controllers could clear an aircraft for an approach like that in the future! I’m pretty sure there is a feature request in #features to vote for to get that implemented.

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Oh yeah!
I now get it.

It’s a DME ARC.
I’ll make an effort to upgrade:)