Arabian peninsula at Sunrise

Love flying over the arabian peninsula in the early morning.

Qatar Airways, OTHH to OMAA, 59 min flight time, 12.12.2020 on Expert server


Very cool! Love the A350’s!!!

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Lovely. Well done

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Yeah the A350 is my favorite plane

Lovely capture!

Just one thing: that route does not exist IRL. I mean, it used to, but in 2017 most of the GCC countries including the UAE (of which Abu Dhabi is the capital) cut off all political ties with Qatar. This meant that no Qatari airline was allowed to fly into any of these countries which issued the blockade nor were they allowed to fly through the airspace of any of these countries. Also, none of the airlines based in these countries were allowed to land in any Qatari airport nor were they allowed to fly through Qatari airspace. And these restrictions are still followed today.

I don’t know if you’re a huge fan of realism or not, but since this impacts the region in quite a huge way, I suggest you don’t fly such routes at least in the Expert Server. Nevertheless, good capture!

I am aware of the blockade against Qatar, and generally go around the countries that have blocked Qatari airplanes from using their airspace.
But on this occasion I just decided to do this route as I have flown it multiple times When living in the middle east it was also my first time flying Qatar.
I get your point and will keep it in my mind.

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No worries! Even if you know, it can help educate people who didn’t know about this previously. I mean, isn’t that the point of all this?

Have a good day :)

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Politics doesn’t exist in infinite flight

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It does make for some interesting routings especially to the African continent from Doha

Politics as in supporting candidate X for the upcoming Y election isn’t allowed on the community (please do correct me if I am wrong).

The blockade in the Middle East is very crucial to the region and significantly affects the aviation industry, hence why I believe it must be brought up.