Aquila A210

Hello one and all! Thanks for reading this!

I’d like to kindly request the above aircraft, it’s not all that popular, but it’s worth a try right?

Why the Aquila?

Ever since the most recent update whereby a new Xcub was added, I think it’s safe to say that if you didn’t like General Aviation before, you do now.

The Aquila is a very light aircraft, built in Germany since 2002, and is very dear to me personally (did my first solo in one), hence my request!

As seen in the picture below, it is a single piston engine, built by Rotax.

From experience I can tell you to not be fooled by this just being another light plane that’s the same as a Cessna just with lower wings. Whilst it’s not certified for aerobatics, it manouvres like a mosquito on every conceivable stimulant drug there is.

The Aquila is quick, agile, fast, and so, so much fun to fly near mountain ranges and through valleys.

You’ve got two seats, the entire aircraft is made from carbon and glass fibre reinforced plastic, two stages of flaps, and an all round visibility canopy, meaning your views will be even better than normal!

More detailed info

Length: 7.3m
Wingspan: 10.3m excluding the winglets
Height: 2.3m

Empty weight: 500kg
MTOW: 750kg

Engine: one Rotax 912 S3, flat four, air and water cooled piston giving a cute but more than enough 98.6hp

Max speed: 130kn
Cruise: around 100kn
Stall: 43kn with flaps down

Range: 620nm (713 miles/1148km) with 45min of reserve fuel

Service ceiling of 14500ft

Doesn’t that just look stunning?

Let me know what you think! If you wish to, a vote would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I might free up a vote for this :)

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That’s greatly appreciated!!

Just voted 😀

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@Aquila check this out! 😁


😂😂 @Aquila I’m surprised you haven’t done one of these considering your name

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Cool plane, just like the Diamond DA20

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Love the look of this! To bad i’m out of votes…

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Exactly! Only much much cheaper to buy, more range, slower stall speed and lighter xD @nincombop

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I really had to clear a vote for this ! This looks super cool ✈️ Especially with the Aerologic livery !


Additionally it‘s not that hard to develop and the devs could deliver it faster :) !
There is a analog and a modern cockpit just like in the C172





Make sure to clear a vote for this cool little birdie !

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Really ? No GA guys around here 🤨

Does it really look bad ?