APU sound stays on after turning it off A330-Neo

Not sure if any are aware but for the new aircraft there is an issue present for IOS that if after deboarding and turning off the APU, It stays on. This problem is only present in the exterior of the aircraft and is not the same problem inside the aircraft.

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Are you sure you’re not mixing up the APU noise with the ambient airport noise?

I am certain because it doesn’t happen every time

Cannot reproduce

iphone SE 2020
ios 15

this was produced on ipad 9.7 2018 model ios 15

Is there another aircraft nearby with his APU on?

I was alone in Kunming ZPPP

Can you share A re-play? Also,this should be in #support

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I think a replay could really help, to reiterate what @Mayank_Pawar said! I have just run a few tests with the A330-neo’s APU (starting it and stopping it many times in different conditions) and I could not replicate this problem. Maybe it is just the ambient noise but louder for some reason, which would explain the reason you only heard it outside. I think that is the most likely answer. It is also possible that the sound glitched and stayed on when your view was external, but that is very unlikely. Did you try starting the APU and stopping it again. If that fixes the issue, then it is probably a bug in the sound! If there is a regular around, can you change the topic please! Thanks all


I have a video of it how do I send videos

Upload to Google Drive or YouTube and share the link here.

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Are you able to see?

@Mayank_Pawar Changed to support

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That is very curious. I saw what you meant. It’s really hard to tell just from a video but I do also hear the apu sound. I’ve never had an issue like this before, and it seems that others haven’t either. It is probably an issue on your local device, but I can’t even begin to think of the specific reason. Re-installing/ restarting infinite flight might be a thing to try! Let me know how it goes


Woah,I’m surprised,but your right here,APU sound can still be heard even though it’s been turned off,I hope this catches the attention of A staff/mod

To trigger it, have engines on, start apu, wait for it to turn on, cut the engines, turn off main batt. and APU.

That might just be the airport noise.

I know that in real life it takes a minute or two for the APU to shut down after being turned off, maybe that’s the problem

I doubt that because I can’t hear that ringing sound when I havent turned it on at all