APU sound doesn't always work

Using iPhone 12 with iOS 15. something

Really annoying I find the APU startup sound on relevant aircraft does not always last. Some planes with it I change the views during APU start (at gate and starting a flight) and after landing when starting APU you’ll hear the initial start then silence when you shut down engines at gate and APU is running.

Is this a glitch??

Tried so many ways for it to be consistent, and ruins the experience when its quiet after APU start.


I have the same thing no idea if it’s a glitch or not also if you keep at the stand long enough it just turns off. Where you flying the a320 family by any chance ?

I am finding it is the issue with any aircraft with APU sounds attached so 737, A320, 777, A220, 757 etc.

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I can vouch this too

A bit unsetting not to hear sounds after switching to start APU.

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