APU Question

When I shut down my plane after parking at the gate. I usually shut the APU off so there is no power and the main batter is off, and the aircraft is completely shut down. I wanted to know what everyone else does and what is more realistic? Please let me know!

So you use the APU to start up, once you have engines running you are then running power of the engine generators so you shut it down after you’ve started engine 2.

Then during taxi post landing you will restart the APU. If youre going for a full shutdown, you shut down the APU after turning everything else off barring the main battery which is the last switch.


Thank you! What is more realistic? Should I keep the APU while leaving the game or keep it on?

It entirely depends what your plan is buddy. APUs use fuel, its a jet engine afterall.

So if youre on a quick turnaround, keep it running but if you’re going to be somewhere long enough to “plug into external power” turn it off.

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Certain planes (I think mostly business jets) may be required to turn the APU on during landing, especially in hazardous weather conditions. Other planes may utilize the APU at smaller airports if the ground power cart isn’t sufficient to run the air conditioning. For the sake of this simulation, I would say that it is personal preference, though I usually try to turn it on. Hope that gave some insight :)


Sometimes when I do multiple flights in one session I’ll do a quick turnaround where I leave the APU on and prepare the a/c for the next flight once at the gate. But at the end my IF session I will turn the battery and APU off to simulate as though they a/c was going to be parked at the airport overnight or for a while before I leave the flight and end my session.


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