APU On/Off Button

Hello IFC I thought about this request for sometime and I’ve tried looking for a topic the same but they where closed. So what’s an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)? It is a sort of generator used on the ground once the engines are off to supply power and air conditioning to the aircraft. Quite often when exiting the aircraft down the steps outside you’ll hear a sort of winning noise that’s the APU found on an A320 where the cone is (APU is in most aircraft). So in Infinite Flight I’d love to see a button to turn APU on when the engines are off. Just to let you all know that whilst the planes up at 30,000 ft engine one is in control of the power.


Maybe something simple like this


Yeah exactly like that 😊


Adding this feature will be a very good way to improve the game and add even more realistic features. I would also lie to see a button on the settings menu which toggles automatic APU power on and manual turn on. Thanks for the great idea @Lovethisgame My vote is yours.


Thank you very much @Forman have a wonderful day


Like this?


But this feature must include new sounds. Not sure that every plane has the same starting and working APU sound, so that can be a problem.


Yes I agree however, other than this issue to overcome all in all its a very good feature request!


I want it!

Plz put it in the next update!

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l really want APU button like this. lt will be simple and easy for IFC and users. But it can improve gaming experience at a high degree. l really hope that IF can make it when the next updated.

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What will the action of turning it on/off do in if?

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Not really much. It will be more of a visual thing that will make flying more realistic

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That will be so fantastic. I have thinked that too.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

You GOT my vote!!!

What if it would turn off the actual eclecricity on the plane? And you need it for en start. No lights can be on without it unless, obviously the engines are on.


It would be nice if it was actually functional rather than just a visual thing. Things such as an APU sound, not being able to start engines without it running, no electricity without it running (no external lights, cold and dark cockpit, etc).

All in all a great feature request, and I’ll have to see if I can free up a vote…


I found another topic that’s like identical to this but not…

I think this could be integrated in that.

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Yea I guess it kinda is but from what I got that ones more based on adding the Cockpit controls in a simplified version but maybe im wrong.

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Perfect. Just like I meant.


Absolutely like that

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