APU inside A330

Hello. Today I tested a new A330. Wonderful work, I like it. But I don’t lknow, is this issue has everyone or only me. I don’t hear APU inside of a plane at all, only outside.

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I believe its only meant to sound from the outside like the 777 and 757

I think that is only your problem

Well, how to fix that?

I can hear it well. Try increasing your device’s volume intensity.

I tried it… only silence

Maybe restarting the app or your device could work.

What for answer by somebody from the support team

The video of an issue.


Thanks for the report.
Yes, we noted this earlier and will look into it.


So, no decision of that now?

No resolution to it at this time, unfortunately.

Feels like something we should have caught during testing, but nobody’s perfect :)

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