APU Bleed Air

Hello! I would like to see this in the game to go with the APU.

Why We Need This

The APU bleed valve controls the APU bleed air that goes to the left side of the bleed air system when the APU is on and the bleed air valve is open bleed air from the APU goes to the bleed air system and the duct pressure increases bleed air is now available for air conditioning and engine starting.

What This Would Do In Infinite Flight

It would go with the APU and add realism.

This is where it is shown on the panel for Airbus aircraft it would be right next to the APU in the electrical system.

Thank you

Air was said so many times XD

I am supportive of this but don’t have any votes left.


Please add a picture and remember to vote for your own topic ;)


Photos aren’t neccesary, and neither is voting for your own topic.


I think it will take long time to make it cause IF is working on cloud😂


you have my vote

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Alright thanks guys!

Well, we are flying airplanes 😂

But yeah, this would be a great addition to the sim. I’ll try and clear up a vote.
Edit: voted


Thank you so much!

You know, the staff at Infinite Flight can work on multiple things at a time. 😉

I definitely like your idea, @PilotA320. I’ll see if I can spare a vote!


Thank you so much!

From reading the title, I thought this was referring to the “smoke” coming out the back of the aircraft. That would be cool. I like this idea as well. Sadly, I’m out of votes.

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It’s ok.

It’s ok also.

Just Voted
It looks like it need to be in IF

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Thank you so much!

I just saw so much bleed and my brain hurts