APU and Taxi Over Speed on RWY Bug

Hello all,
I’ve found two bugs/issues. Please change the topic of it doesn’t fit, I wasn’t sure where to put it.

  1. Small bug, the aircraft’s systems said the APU was running when I hadn’t selected it to turn on.

  2. A bit worse, departing YSCN RWY 06 when I got a taxi over speed warning when rolling on the runway. I ended the flight before I got an actual violation but still curious to why it happened.


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That would be due to you being on a displaced threshold. Displaced thresholds are recognized as taxiways and not a runway surface. Therefore, they have a taxispeed limit on them. As soon as you hit the “piano keys” or runway numbers, the taxispeed notification will disappear and not impact you.

As for the APU thing, will check to see if its logged. If not, will bring forward and log for the next update to get fixed.


Sorry, didn’t notice it enough.

When you back taxi at YSCN you have to start the roll for take-off before the piano keys. I know when aircraft use 24 (opposite end) the King Air, fighter jet and twin engines start taking off before the displayed threshold. But anyway I understand how it works now thanks for that.

I’m glad I could help spot a bug with the APU, it did confuse me.

Thanks for the response.

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