what must be done so that the aircraft, when activating the APPR, does not swing from side to side quickly and in the final bow for landing the plane does not bend or cab, up and down?
I think, because of the weight of the aircraft with a large amount of fuel and low speed in the final landing. Am I right in that way of thinking, or is there something I can do to avoid this situation?
I always land with enough fuel, so that in case of waiting I have enough fuel to make orbits over a certain bow or alternate to the nearest aerodrome, as required by aviation regulations.

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You are most likely too slow for your weight and flap setting.

What aircraft were you flying, what weight were you, and what was your speed and flaps settings.

Ideally when you set APPR, you want to be at around 3000ft, at a speed of around 180kts, with flaps typically set to 2 (Airbus) or 10’ (Boeing)


Okay! Thanks!

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APPR means approach not approximation lol
APPR is pretty agressive in follwoing the localizer, so it might turn a few times before capturing. If you are turning all over the pkace though, it may be a good idea to use LNAV instead and hand fly the glideslope. Of course this is not as precise so you need to disenage AP earlier.
Once 20.2 fixes the SET ALT crash I’ll be doing GPS approaches way more and that doesn’t have this problem


Also be sure to be within a 30 degree final turn! For example.

iI’m approaching Runway 31

Your heading to successfully intercept 31 would need to be 280 to 340 depending on your position too the Runway Localizer Cone

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If you are in line with the runway and localiser, then arming APPR will maintain your current altitude heading and not swerve form side to side like you explained in your original topic.

Sometimes your FPL or winds will have you guided down slightly to the left or right of where you want to end up (the runway) so that’s another reason why there is a vicious swerve with APPR.

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Yes, it stays straight. But the moment I click APPR to start the procedure it turns this way and that. And then he aligns with the track and descends very smoothly.

Okay!, Aware! Thanks!!!

Very dood!

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