Apron Cones

Hi Community!
Today i am asking to the devs if they could add this object to infinite flight. That would be great for GA airport and tiny airstrip, but also for a big airport. Let me know !

photo source here

I feel like a random cone in the middle of flat scenery would be funny, but also a little weird. After 3D scenery is added, terminal buildings, maybe boarding gates, I think this is a great idea.


Vote if interested

I agree with @Mike_Lima_Tango. We should have 3D terminals and gates first. A random cone in the middle of nowhere would be hilarious, especially if they can move. We just don’t have the sufficient amount of 3D stuff in the game yet for this to be relevant.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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I mean… The 3D artists will have to start somewhere. And a cone is probably easier to design than a building. Baby steps.


Infinite flight can’t make 3D buildings because they don’t want so when they will have the courage.