I have watched all ATC videos on YT and I still can figure this one out: (disclaimer it’s a nooby question). Why does tower have the sequencing instructions when approach vectors the aircraft in until they are on final, interfering with inbound traffic tower has cleared? I know it’s useful for “remaining in pattern and saying no. 2 traffic is on final” etc. but what else is it for? Are aircraft meant to stay on approach until they are practically on final? Is it for when there is no approach worker?
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Yes, it is for that. Also for pattern work

After the approach clears the aircraft will go for inbound on the ILS/GPS or on the visual so controller can just clear without needing to sequence


If aircraft are being vectored by approach they don’t need a pattern entry or a sequence. Just a clearance. However, most of the time there is no approach controller

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So if approach is active tower just waits until traffic contacts them on final and only worries about patternwork?

Yep, you got it exactly

So it makes towers life 10 times easier

Yea it is but approach is only there to ease the tower controllers stress when there’s like 20 planes on the ground so don’t rely on that

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Yeah LAX on a Saturday night is a nightmare

You should avoid LAX and JFK at all costs.

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Yeah I actually enjoy class bravos-Charlie’s with only about 7-10 aircraft.

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