April fools correct?

I literally just realised that everything from the April fools is technically correct
I mean the a320 got refreshed
And the devs are working the 737

Could a glider be coming

This post will be taken down soon as I can’t post so please anyone that sees it take and do something with it

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As time progresses, FDS will eventually “fix” and “refresh” every aircraft in Infinite Flight.


Yeah but they told us this

Then told us it was April fools my point is that maybe the April fools it actually going to happen

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The April Fools joke was by infiniteflight.posts on Instagram reposted on IFC by me.

As said earlier, FDS will eventually rework all aircraft and fix any bugs associated with them.

It’s not that the devs are reworking aircraft

I just asking it people things that maybe the ask21 glider will be added

It was inevitable that these issues got fixed, nothing to do with them being mentioned in the April Fools Joke or not.

I mean they would fix whatever issue/bug there is with the aircraft eventually, it’s just a matter of time.

With that said, because the glider was mentioned in the joke, doesn’t mean it’ll be added, as of now we don’t know anything about if a glider will be added into IF or not, so let’s not speculate.

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In the near future i don’t see a glider being added. Although you could probably make a feature request for it and see where that goes :)

I hope they repair the a320 family because they have not used them for a long time because they have a lot of lag in the cabin😢

I’m not sure what your on about. They just added wing flex and a slue of new liveries.


I know but since the update it has been impossible for me to fly with the airbus family and the crj because they have a lot of lag, especially when I’m in the cabin and I have low graffiti

Read here, your issue belongs to this support thread, but i can already now that the Devs are aware of the issue, and are trying to find a solution to it. Further discuss that matter over there on the other topic linked below and not here, thanks :)

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I was alone was to explain the problem I’m sorry

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I don’t think it’s a joke, I wonder if the glider with the C172, you can have your friend power?

No no no no no