April 2 - Spring Spotting in Denver!

Hello IFC! Welcome back to another spotting topic! Last weekend I went spotting in Denver with my good friend @den.aviation! We had some gorgeous lighting for our afternoon at the airport, so let’s get in to it!

First up is a United A319 wearing the old livery coming in after a flight from Palm Springs!

Next up is an E175 coming in from Tucson! United’s new livery looks so good on the E175!!

Here’s a good ol American A321 coming in from DFW.

Next up is one of the last 3 A319s flying for Frontier, which will be retired (again) by the end of this year. Here’s “Erma the Ermine” coming in after a flight from Fresno, CA

And finally, here’s the catch of the day! We got a very unexpected visit from this National Airlines Airbus A330 which diverted up from Colorado Springs!

Thanks for reading IFC, I can’t wait to share my future spotting adventures with you!

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Also Check Out Tyler’s Photos from This Day

Thanks for reading!!


I’m the local Frontier A319 enthusiast, hoping I can see them all when I go tomorrow. Great shots!

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We saw two of them when we were out there! Good luck!

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where southwest

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Good job Ryan. It was nice to see you again.

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Almost had a nice little Airbus theme going there, great job! 👍🏼

Didn’t get a lot of good Southwest shots that day unfortunately

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Always great spotting with you! 👋

Superb pictures! I really like these cool perspectives, which together with the great light conditions suit the planes extremely well :)

Thanks for sharing!

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A330 = butter machine
Nice pics!

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I flew on her from JAX-DEN in 2019, I really hate the old frontier livery but it’s sad to see them go anyways.

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I like the ERJ the most!

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