April 14, 2015. Southwest Airlines (N500WR) Boeing 737-800. SWA699. KBWI/BWI - KSEA/SEA. 4h 58m

Hi everyone,

Then and again I came back home to Seattle my flew left from KBWI/BWI Airport, Maryland.

  • I got my old smartphone iPhone 6 and iPad for the camera in the right window.

I went to ride the plane for Southwest Airlines (N500WR) a Boeing 737-800 with Split Scimitar Winglets the old paint retro color is blue. Then, I found my seat on 2F for the right window in the plane. My flight was non-stop when leaving at 11:48 am from KBWI/BWI to KSEA/SEA arriving at 1:46 pm long took 4h 58m.

  1. This isn’t my flight. Southwest Airlines is a Boeing 737-700 color is brown.

  1. My seat on 2F is only economy and isn’t first or business class for the right window.

  1. Southwest Airlines was a new paint scheme and registration (N369SW) is the old Boeing 737-300 with winglets.

  1. Southwest Airlines (N363SW) is the old Boeing 737-300 with winglets colored blue retro.

  1. The flight over South Dakota.

  1. Split Scimitar Winglets over South Dakota. My flight for the highest altitude is 34, 000 ft/10, 363 m level.

  1. I saw the window of the flight Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8 flew long haul from Tokyo Narita, Japan 🇯🇵 to Boston, Massachusetts. The flight over Montana.

  1. Down below was clouding the shadow from the Sun over Montana.

  1. Originally, I was landing on 16R Runway short 8,500 ft/ 2,591 m x 150 ft/ 46 m. Delta Air Lines (N856NW) Airbus A330-200 was arriving at the gate South Satellite.

  1. We were last stop at gate B Terminal, KSEA/SEA. The front cockpit is by Captain and First Office. Bye for Southwest Airlines Flight 699.

Any questions?

Thank you for watching! Happy Flying, AJ Johnson.

Happy New Year’s Eve from the U.S.A. 🇺🇸!


shes now in the freedom one colors! that brown 737 is the old retro

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Yes, they are!

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Looks like a nice flight! Cool pics! The 737-300s are 737-700s though. 300s didn’t have winglets

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Yes, they did but almost Southwest has numerous the little length who have ridden passengers with less than 150 seats the Boeing 737 is the old 300 a little bit different engines to expect registration N300SW have some cover winglets more than the range of fuel and in regular 700 has more than 500 fleets normal all winglets and half Split Scimitar Winglets notice for the plane on Southwest.

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I got my old iPad on the internet for google information then as a screenshot to track FlightAware or Southwest direct line from KBWI/BWI to KSEA/SEA.

SWA did utilize winglets on numerous -300 aircraft. I think there was a point where all of them had winglets. All for efficiency.


That’s interesting! Thanks for the information and sorry for misleading you guys!


I do not mind, they become interesting at one point. I also got them mixed up once!


Hey, everyone, my experience for the first time I went to ride the old plane for Southwest Airlines a Boeing 737-300 with winglets the paint color is blue flown from Seattle to Oakland last in June 2008 a very long time ago.

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