APR24 Hong Kong-Amsterdam group flight!

Ok srry r u able to join us


Let’s join!!!

Dude, as said above multiple times

But my post is at da bottom already

That’s not a bad thing

Har bump bump bump bump

Let’s get some joiners

Let’s gets some joiners!!!

Let’s get some joiners!!

Mate, can you stop spamming messages every hour or so.

It does NOT matter if your event is at the top of the IFC…

People will join just give them time…

@IF_California, @Prestoni have already told you TO NOT bump every 5 minutes.

You should be bumping every so 5 days

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Bro you can’t bump your event several times like you have done. I mean that you have to wait like a few days to bump it at a time so I’d suggest reading the Events category rules for more info :)

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I think you forgot to take a look at how long it has been since I last bumped
Take the time to look next time alright pal

helloooo, just because you did one time doesn’t excuse the many other times you bumped within mear hours of the last one. Thank you, lets squash this issue and use what we learned going forward.

-Good Day- Cali

Event soon!!
Let’s join

Sorry for bumping so much before
Let’s get some joiners!!!

Hey, the date/time isn’t shown correctly at the top message. it shows the command :)

That came out wrong for some reason idk why it’s actually Amsterdam info
Care to join us??
PS please join🙏🙏🙏

Can anyone provide ATC?