Apps/Websites to Make IF More Realistic

Hello All!

Does anyone know of any good websites or apps that would make IF more realistic (fuel calculator, flight planner… etc), if yes write them below.

Thanks, Marcus!

Here’s a lot down below:

Credits to @Kilt_McHaggis


This one is a better one in my opinion


FuelPlanner is a great website to calculate the amount of fuel needed to get from point A to point B. This website is a bit outdated and doesn’t offer most of the aircraft we have in Infinite Flight and some of the airports in the database are inaccurate.

There’s also SimBrief which is what I use most often for Infinite Flight, although primarily used for desktop simulators. This website gives an in depth view of your flight plan and other necessary information such as fuel load, passenger numbers, and the amount of cargo that should be added. It also gives you great detail on the weather/wind forecast along the way to ensure you fly in strong tailwinds and stay away from the strong headwinds. It’s a great resource and will definitely make your Infinite Flight experience more realistic especially once global flight is released.

I highly recommend you check these sites out! :)


There’s also skyvector which is my favorite planning app

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