Apps to use for Infinite Flight

Hey Everyone,

What are your favorite apps to use in conjunction with Infinite Flight? Would love some ideas!




Plenty of apps can be used with IF, you can find a bunch in the #thirdparty category! Some of my favorites include LiveFlight, In Flight Assistant, infinite passengers and In Flight Operations


Here’s some great one’s:



Is there a specific use you are looking to get out of the app? A good place to start, would be the #thirdparty category where the apps are compatible specifically with Infinite Flight. Some of my favorites include LiveFlight and IFAssistant. Check it out, there’s multiple that are of great use!

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Infinite Tracker - See where i am currently
Infinite Checklists - Do full checklists to make my flight more realistic
Slack/Discord - Chat when in group flights
Photoshop Express - Edit pics to a higher quality

Thats all i use right now, would love more ideas to see what can make my flights better :)

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I’d also like to add my own app In-Flight Assistant which gives you a “soundscape” for your flights - co-pilot callouts, and (with in-apps) GPWS alerts, RAAS, VNAV, and PA announcements.


I also like Infinite passengers

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I had never used a third party until this month. I’ve browsed the apps available.
Since it was free, I downloaded Infinite Passengers from the Play Store.

The pros are free play mode is free, you have your few co pilot call outs (VR, V1, postive rate gear up), and you get the American safety announcements.

Also the “prepare the cabin for take off”, “we’ll be landing shortly”, and “the captain will turn off seat belts shortly… recommend fastened for turbulence” is free.

The last big pro is at the end of the flight, you’ll get a flight report. I’ve tested this aspect and it stays true to your flying. Even turning the spoiler off after landing while slowing down is -points.

I’m disappointed In-flight assistant is purchase only and furthermore the lack of the options after purchase are slim.

Few co pilot call-out and the rest are IAP at 5$ a piece.

So I am gonna pay the 2.49$ for a month of infinite passengers as I like what it’s offered for free. Plus, I’ll have airline mode, cargo mode, emergency during flight options (Not tried this until I subscribe) and safety announcements for all airlines.

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Live flight!

1 Like is a wonderful app if I do say so myself. It’s not only free, but for a small monthly/yearly fee, you can get access to so many awesome features including availability to download your KML files and store them on Google Earth and so much more!

Other than LiveFlight, I like to use (another free and awesome 3rd Party app where you can get awesome flight plans from real world flights (even including SIDS/STARS), IF Checklists (Another fancy and free app that has 8 aircraft specific Checklists that range through all aircraft in Infinite Flight), and InFlight-Assistant, Instruments, and now Operations.


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