Appropriate behavior

I don’t know what is happening today but for some reason there are a surprisingly large amount of people who are being unprofessional at ENGM today on the expert server. I’ve been cut off multiple times waiting for takeoff and I’ve had people pushed back into me more than once as I’m writing this there is an American 787 cutting me off. This is quite annoying, we Advanced to expert server to become professional and follow realistic procedures. Please act accordingly


Unfortunately the more people the more trolls and unprofessional pilots 🙁


Hey mate,

I see and completely understand how this can be frustrating and could be ruining your experience. However, it is currently being controlled by 6 different controllers that are spread across multiple frequencies, so they should have everything under control.

IFATC controllers have the tools that they need to manage pilots that don’t follow the rules and interfere with and ruin the experience of other Infinite Flight customers, and will do so accordingly.

It is extremely busy, but I can guarantee you that the controllers are doing the best job possible.


You also have a lot of people on the Expert Server who have recently transitioned to Grade 3 so they are still a bit inexperienced.

It’s honestly terrible. I finally had to quit because I had a Cathy Pacific halfway to my fuselage and I had an American 787 cutting half my wing off

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Believe me dude it’s soo annoying and for someone who loves realism like me it absolutely drives me up the walls

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As it is the main hub, it is busy, and when it is busy, there are usually some naughty pilots. Expert server controllers are educated and trained to handle situations like these. We apologize that you had a bad experience today.

The only thing I can say is that there are other airports outside of the hub that are open, which are less busy and less chaotic. I promise that those controllers would love to have you! If you’d like to know which airports are open, is always a great resource :)


Thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to complain and just be a troll on here. I’m just hoping that some people see this and realize the expert server is meant for the utmost realism.

All I can add on to @Thunderbolt is that from a controllers POV, it just isn’t possible to issue everyone progressive instructions to maintain an orderly queue. If only it were that easy… but the workload would be substantial.

Ground has been VERY busy and it also isn’t always possible to catch every potential ground conflict, whilst ATC give every effort. It isn’t hard to use some common sense and see what you’re heading towards, but unfortunately not everyone practices it.


Personally from my point of view, it’s always best to try the other airports in which traffic is more minimal and the experience of realism is so much higher. It also give the controllers at other airports to experience a good amount of traffic as well. It balances the traffic out more too.

Totally understand your frustration as with being in the IFATC myself the quality of controlling I set is to be at my high quality standard in which my minimums are set before controlling any frequency.

Hope you have a pleasant day,


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I was flying an SAS A350 and I got cut off taxiing towards 01R by an A320 even though I was clearly turning and they saw me from a good distance out

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Thank you guys for your feedback, that being said I still want to thank the controllers who are dealing with this mess. We appreciate you guys. That being said Pilots please be safe and follow realistic procedures Thank you

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Thanks all!