Approching problem

At about 300ftAGL it started to call out altitude 50 40… then spoilers on and camera rose dramatically like the pictures below till quitting.But actullly I was still in the air from outside camera and could still control the aircraft.
A huge shandow also appeard.You can see that the C17 and the 359 also encounterd the same problem.
My friends and I have met this problem several times(starting from half a year ago) when flying online.It seems that this is a widespread problem.

I would restart the scenery cache, if that doesn’t fix it, it might be a bigger issue.

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Already did it

Hi! Does this issue happen at a specific airport? Does it happen on different airports? Which airports have you had this issue with?

almost every airport and every aircraft I flied these days

A soft reset of your device should do the trick. If not, deleting the app and reinstalling it would be the next option. Just be aware you will loose your replays and setting configurations within Infinite Flight.

Hi there, can you confirm what is exactly happening. Are you saying your plane is floating up?

camera is floating up but no problem with aircraft

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thanks i’ll try it later

Hold on a second, are you touching down on the runway and spoilers deploy etc while you are still in the air, then your camera starts floating up?

just camera and spoilers went wrong before touchdown

Thanks for the clarification. This is often a connection issue with your device. I would reboot and make sure you have a strong connection. If it continues I would back up and replays and uninstall and reinstall from your app store.

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thanks and btw I and several friends met the problem at the same time

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