Approaching Waypoint Beep

There used to be a beep at 60 seconds from next waypoint and at next waypoint. Can you bring this back? It was a great way to fly on AP around a region while multi-tasking. ahem while at work cough


Nah, now you have to be a little more heedful if you want to stay on course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I didn’t say @Laurens would love to have it back, did I?! :smile: If I can still fly around the map and earn some XP while I’m getting some work done, awesome. Hense the helpful beep.

@jasonrosewell Think about having VNAV/LNAV!! That would be your dream come true. Is there any job opening in your place😁😁 I can do multi tasking as well. My work place don’t let me do multitask😟😟😟

The trick is to be self employed, like me!

Not that crazy about seeing that annoying beep come back… The hours IF puts into putting the beep back could be better used on something more signficicant in my opinion.

Check IF every 1-3 minutes and see how close you are to the airport. Wouldn’t hurt to look at your phone.

Long live the DC-9!

I doubt it’s hours… It’s probably a one or zero… On or off. The functionality is already there. Perhaps a settings interface button allowing us to choose whether it’s on or off would be doable.

Obviously this feature isn’t loved by all, but think about it; when you’re on “autopilot” in real life, the airplane follows your waypoints all by itself. I like making the adjustments and turns so I’m not asking for full AP (although I bet it’s coming, since they have auto land in beta). But a beep - or even a real cockpit chime - would be pretty handy in giving us a little heads up to stay on course. Sometimes a nice long flight is fun but I don’t want to stare at my screen for an hour and a half.

As a side note… I get that auto land is very impressive… But isn’t that the really fun bit of flying?!

End of thoughts. Thanks for chiming in (see what I did there?).

@jasonrosewell, I’m self employed too😀😀 but I don’t stop for big break.

Lol yes I do 😂.

You’re correct it probably wouldn’t take that long. Maybe make it an option.

If you look at the estimated “travel time” given in the bottom menu bar, then you can charge your phone and do whateber you have to do, then come back when you think it’s time to initiate descent.

Long live the DC-9!

I posted the same idea 2 days ago ;)

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Ah yes! Sorry, I missed that.

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