Approaching Macao | Special RNAV approach

Yesterday,@ifchinaexperts set up a event,though it only took me 50 minutes,but that’s a unforgettable experience

Details for this flight

Route: ZGOW (Jieyang Chaoshan) - VMMC (Macau Intl.)
Aircraft: Air China B737-700
Time: 2020/6/26 22:00 CST / 14:00 UTC
Flight time: 50 min
Server: Expert Server
Attendees:@xiwang @Anthony_Zhu @NekSyun

Why this is a special approach


We were using RWY 16 for our approach.The Macao approach uses SMT4A/5B. When using the 16 runway approach, the Hong Kong approach command first descends, and then the Zhuhai approach is approached. The height is converted from ft to metric, the descent continues, and then it is transferred to the Macau tower, the height is converted from metric to foot. In this process, frequency conversion and height unit conversion are more frequent, and it is necessary to implement SOP carefully and strictly.(Sounds difficult 🤣)
Also,Macau Airport is located in the Pearl River Delta with good clearance in the southeast. Sanzao Island is on the northwest side of the airport. The terrain is relatively complex, and it only depends on the hilly and mountainous areas.

Finally,enjoy these pictures:)


Hold short


Final approach


Welcome to Macau

I wish you guys enjoy it

Always remember that feedbacks are welcome


Really like that descent photo over water😍

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